Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gettin' Down on the Turkey Farm

Chad recently had his first encounter with the Cook family turkeys. We were down for the weekend so we zipped out to the farm with Thomas, Holly, and those cute Cook kids. Chad seemed to be in awe at the overwhelming number of furry little creatures. He wasn't too excited to follow Kady's lead and hold them, but he did take some satisfaction in shuffling his feet as if trying to startle them (at least that's what it looked like he was doing.) Good times at the turkey farm.

Little Mylee already feels right at home amongst the turkeys.

Chad did hold a turkey, but not for long enough to snap a photo.

Interesting? Not to Chandler; turkeys are old news to him.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Be My Valentine?

Chad is still on the lookout for that special gal as Valentines Day approaches. He's pulling out all the stops with this unexpected ward-robe upgrade; rockin' the sweater-vest in nursery. Good luck buddy. Keep smiling.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

How About Creighton?

Funny thing happened the other day, we got another dental school acceptance! Mark got a call from Creighton University, which was both surprising and exciting. Mark has always liked the idea of going to Creighton, because of their well respected dental program. Every year ten students from Utah are selected and spend their first year taking science/dental classes at the University of Utah. The next three years are spent in Omaha, Nebraska at the dental school. The whole ordeal will allow us to come out with a considerably less amount of debt. Great education at a great price, can't beat that. And of course Mark made another cake to celebrate. You can't see it, but it's a red velvet cake underneath that vanilla frosting. This has nothing to do with the U of U connection, and everything to do with red velvet cake; it's so good!

Accident Prone

Toddlers in general are known for their clumsiness and ability to get hurt easily. Chad seems to be jinxed when it comes to Holly's house. Every time we go there he ends up hurting himself, a little worse than the every day bumps and bruises. This nice cut on the cheek was from a few days ago. We hadn't been in Holly's house for over two minutes when he was going down the stairs, got to the last step (thinking he was at the bottom), turns and walks into thin air and fell to the side hitting the paneling right on his cheek. Not fun. As if that wasn't enough, when we got home to Provo he climbed onto a chair like he usually does. Next thing we know the whole chair fell over, Chad included, and he bumbed his chin pretty good as well as breaking a part of the chair. Poor guy had a rough day. Good thing these little guys heal to quickly.