Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boyz II Men Goin' Off

Motown Philly was back again, if only for a night. Mark surprised Mary back in July with two tickets to see Boyz II Men at the Scera Outdoor Theater. Mark wasn't sure exactly what to expect; maybe some "too-old-to-dance brothers, bouncing around in some Fresh Prince of Bel-Air threads." Turns out, he couldn't have been more wrong as Shawn, Nathan, and Wanya hit the stage in smooth fashion. Mary was seen moving and shaking throughout the crowd. Mark felt like the Boyz were singing his favorite song to him personally, "Mama."

Mark thought it would be cool to set up one of those "beach/sunset/toes sticking up in the air" pictures, but with thighs instead of toes. Mary didn't think it was cool at all.

Livin' the dream.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chad's 1st and Foremost Birthday

Our little man finally broke through on the numerical age scale. As the party got underway, his response to being confined in his highchair was less than enthusiastic. Thankfully, everyone in the room simultaneously thought to start clapping and shouting "yay." Problem solved. On-lookers were impressed at how he could contain his excitement even while staring down the face of a chocolate tiger cake. Guests included his great-grandparents Bushman, Holly and the kids, Rob, Chris and Jen, and his also "great," but just "grandparents Johnson. He received lots of presents that he may someday appreciate; we can only hope.

Mary, Jen, and Grandma Johnson pulled out all the stops with this tasty creation.

Kady knew Chad wasn't an experienced enough "present opener" to handle an event of this magnitude. She gladly pitched in her special skills.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Johnsons

Mark and Mary spearheaded an effort to continue the one year tradition of an August Camping trip up Manti Canyon. Grandpa bought a new tent and he, Rob, and Jen wasted no time giving it its first test. Mark helped set it up and still can't believe it uses only three poles! How did it take so long to reach such heights in camping gear evolution? I can't answer that; I can only enjoy our present state. Beyond the tent, Chad enjoyed the tin-foil dinners and was very eager to get out and explore. He didn't get too far, because well, mom and dad kept picking him up. The sun eventually went down so we sat around the fire and roasted marshmallows and Starbursts (who knew). Rob showed up late, so naturally Chad stared at him until he finally fell asleep. Chris joined us in the morning for grandpa's mountain breakfast before a short stroll up to Milky Falls. The drive up to the falls was definitely more rough and rigorous that the actually hike, which says a lot about something. I think you know what that something is and what is being said about it...okay?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Nobody Derbys Like Sanpete Derbys

Daddy Johnson got Mark and Mary four tickets to Sanpete County Fair's latest version of the Demolition Derby. Mary claims to have experienced a derby at an earlier point in her life, but Mark is honestly convinced that nobody derbys like Sanpete county derbys (to derby = a real verb.) It didn't disappoint; she now agrees. The derby was high-lighted by half a dozen rollovers including one car causing a rollover, and then seconds later taking a hit and landing belly-up himself. Manti was in full representation with local boy Nick Shaw behind the wheel of his yellow #69. Nick won the finals heat convincingly, and then came back out to dominate the wipeout. His car is currently being tested for illegal substances, and rightfully so. It was like being on the playground watching the big kid with the big truck mercilessly ram the little trucks of the little kids. I think I've said enough.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Gardens at Thanksgiving Point

Sounds like the name of a golf course or something. In fact, the golf course was right there next door and Mark longed to go and play, but even he enjoyed the stroll through The Gardens. Our friend Katie tipped us off to "$2 Tuesdays" which apparently is no secret; about 85% of Utah County mothers and their kids were there as well. For whatever reason, they opened up the entire "Gardens" rather than just the "Children's Garden," so we got the full experience. The boys even got to cool off their little toes over by Noah's Ark before Mom made them go home.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mark Guarantees Victory,...Then Delivers.

Okay, so Mark didn't do anything spectacular, but his intramural softball boys did. How about capping off a 9-2 season with a Div II Men's Softball Championship. Mark did tell his friend Nate that they would come out of the championship game victorious,...guaranteed! He's not sure why he would run his mouth like that; he just thought it would be cool to guarantee something. Luckily his band of brothers backed him up. The Salad Shooters (don't ask) lost their second playoff game, forcing them into four consecutive elimination games. Surviving a few close ones, including a 2-0 (who scores zero runs in a softball game,..seriously) victory in the quarterfinals, the Shooters found themselves in the championship game. Their task was a tall order: beat the same team twice in one night. The planets were definitely in orbit, and the bats were smokin'. Surprising to all those in attendance at Game 1, the Shooters scored 13 runs through five innings calling into effect the mercy rule. Game 2 was a dogfight, as the opponents bats awoke and showed why they carved their way through the winners bracket. Unfortunately for them, the Shooters hit parade was still many floats and derby cars from being over. A back and forth thriller ended with a line-drive back to our pitcher, Travis, who instinctively doubled up the runner on 1st base. Game, Set, Championship. "Anything is possibuuuuullll," Mark screamed from the podium. Very emotion scene. Fun had by all. Special thanks to the "Players Wives Club" for all their support.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mark Celebrates a Quarter Century

Mary spent the week planning and the weekend executing a gourmet double layer birthday cake for Mark. He calls it a "cake from the cover of a magazine," which it is, in essence (see chef Dorie Greenspan for more details.) Chad couldn't resist and took a swipe at it right before dad could cut it up for distribution. Mark wouldn't clean his hand immediately, because he wanted some pictures of the action. Of course Mark later forgot about the "iced" hand, which soon thereafter resulted in an "iced" foot. Chad was later seen sucking on his toes. We still wonder why? Rob and Chris hosted the party, Grandpa and Grandma brought the food, and Jen wore a psychedelic tie-dye t-shirt. Eventually Chad got tired of running around the room while shaking his head so we went home.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Chad Shakes It Off...

Grandma loaded Chad up on Mark's birhday cake and he started shaking his head back and forth. This is footage of the early, much more mild stage of the head flailing.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Motivate Me

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