Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camping at Calf Creek

Waterfalls, hikes, and hammocks were all in full effect at the Scholes Family Reunion this past week. Tradition and memories brought us Johnson kids excitedly back to Calf Creek campground in SE Utah. Chad always loves to play with his aunts, uncles, and grandparents and this was no exception (In fact, we can't even mention who we're going to see anymore until we close enough to not mind the whining for the rest of the way.) Chad even made friends with a couple of 2nd cousins he didn't really know before. Throughout all the creek swimming, shirt designing, hammock swinging, and campfire singing we all had a great time. The highlight may have been the hike down into the upper falls. The slick rock was pretty grueling, but the cliff jumps into the waterfall pools were well worth the effort. Mary (6 months pregnant) put everyone else to shame being the first one back up the slick rock on the hike out. That's my girl.

Aunt Jen is the one Chad typically whines for if he knows he's going to see her.

Uncle Nate and cousin Blake relaxin' in the hammock.

About the time Chad would typically take his nap.

Mark posing behind his hand-bleached mime shirt. Weird.

Mark and Chad excited about the hike.

Mark and Chad not excited about the hike.

Hanging out at the waterfall swimming hole.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

This Fourth of July weekend was full of all your tradition components: hot-air ballons, flu-like symptoms, and more marching bands than you can shake a tuba at. Chad has been on a balloon kick, so we knew he'd love freedom festival hot-air balloon show. We left the house early and planned on driving over to the soccer field, but were surprised to find a giant Tony the Tiger balloon landing just across the street from our house. Chad was a little bewildered, but quickly started bubbling over with excitement. From there we squeezed into the last remaining spot along the parade route and watched what seemed like a marching band festival. The music was good, but didn't take long before we were all bored, including Chad. Unfortunately, Mark was pretty sick the whole weekend, so he really had to suck it up to get on with the show. We ended the night by taking Chad up to Rock Canyon Park to watch the fireworks. Chad loved 'em and wouldn't stop saying "Pireworrrks."