Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vala's, Alli's Birthday & Halloween

Big surprise eh? Yup, we were all pirates this year.
Every year the dental school let the kids come trick or treat amoungst the
Captain Jack Sparrow
"Pirate Gwirl"
Does this look familiar?? Yes, Mark dressed as "Pirate Chad"

Our little Alli turned 2 on the 29th. She got a scooter which she
sometimes calls her "screwdriver", a tennis racket, and several dolls
that she loves. We had aunt Karen with us to celebrate. We also had a minnie
mouse cake.

During Mark's fall break we went to Vala's Pumpkin
Patch again. We went through the haunted houses,
watched the pig races, jumped on the huge trampolines,
and watched a pumpkin get launched out of a cannon. Ah yes,
good times.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ahoy Matey's! Look who's 4!

Yep, Chad had his fourth birthday. Can you guess what the theme was?? Chad's still VERY much into everything Pirate so we had a party with all of his buddies where they played "Musical Islands", "Canon ball Toss", bashed the lights out of a pirate ship pinata, and of coarse had some pirate birthday cake. Chad got lots of fun things including a BYU football uniform and the awesome Jack Sparrow costume that he's wearing in most of the pictures and has been wearing since he opened it.(Thanks Maka!) What a fun birthday for this little bucaneer! (And there's about 3 more new posts so keep scrolling down)

First Day of School

Chad started up Pre-School again this year and boy was he
(and Mary) excited. :) He's really enjoying his new school and class.
And a few random pics

Back to Omaha....and Iowa.

When we came back from Utah, Mark's parents and sisters, Jen and Karen came with us to move Karen out to Iowa City for school. They stayed with us in Omaha for a few days then Mark and Chad went with them to help Karen. They all stopped in Des Moines to check out the Iowa State Fair where they saw Mitt Romney give a speech, rode some awesome carnival rides and had PB&J on a stick!

Utah Trip

After Mark took his dental boards, (which he passed, by the way) we went to Utah for a little vacation. We played at the lake, went swimming, had fun with aunts and uncles, Mark enjoyed a little golf, and we just soaked up the beautiful Utah weather! Mary's entire family came to Utah so we had a reunion with them which was a lot of fun. Here's a few pics from our trip.