Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vala's, Alli's Birthday & Halloween

Big surprise eh? Yup, we were all pirates this year.
Every year the dental school let the kids come trick or treat amoungst the
Captain Jack Sparrow
"Pirate Gwirl"
Does this look familiar?? Yes, Mark dressed as "Pirate Chad"

Our little Alli turned 2 on the 29th. She got a scooter which she
sometimes calls her "screwdriver", a tennis racket, and several dolls
that she loves. We had aunt Karen with us to celebrate. We also had a minnie
mouse cake.

During Mark's fall break we went to Vala's Pumpkin
Patch again. We went through the haunted houses,
watched the pig races, jumped on the huge trampolines,
and watched a pumpkin get launched out of a cannon. Ah yes,
good times.

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The Tidwell Blog said...

So fun! You guys are awesome! Such cute kids:) We miss you guys and hope that everything is going great!